The Animal Resort

Find Travel Opportunities for Small Groups and Individuals.

Relive your kindergarten childhood with The Animal Resort! It's a primary school oral description picture come to life with all kinds of adorable animals to view and play with. Feast your eyes on horses! Peacocks! And more! Seeds and feed are available for sale if you want to feed the animals, just don't get your arm bitten off. 

You can also learn basic pet grooming skills here and subject your own pet to your new found skills. Fun for the whole family!

* Includes Admission Into the Animal Resort and the shuttle bus ticket into the farm. 

* Bus pick back and forth is inclusive from hotel or pick up location. 

* Token payment of $25 is for the driver pickup and guide fee.

* Inclusive of Breakfast, lunch or dinner per pax. Please indicate any dietary preference if needed. 

* Should you wish to book for accomodation for your friends, family or tour group nearby etc., please indicate on the accomodation booking form. Will send to you for the separate  information and invoice charges with regards to the accomodation booking stay.