My Careers
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  • - Write and curate travel-related content for Travelgowhere's Magazine
  • - Pitch viral-worthy article ideas and come up with unique, attention-grabbing headlines
  • - Take charge of content marketing on our social media platforms
  • - Assist the editorial team with any special projects


  • - Comfortable with filming and editing
  • - Good ear for picking music selection and sound design
  • - A sense of pacing and knows how to maintain the attention of the viewer
  • - Proficient with Premier Pro (ideally) or Final Cut Pro


  • - Understands how to use visuals to capture attention and tell a story
  • - Comfortable with DSLRs/Mirrorless Cameras
  • - Proficient with Lightroom and/or Photoshop

Social Media

  • - Has an eye for visuals and what captures attention
  • - Great at coming up with catchy captions and content ideas
  • - Understands what makes good and shareable content
  • - Regularly updates their own social media platforms
  • - Understands what goes on behind social media marketing (bonus)