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FAQ On Air Ticket Purchase and Flight Reservation

   How To Buy An Air Ticket?

    One can purchase an air ticket online via airlines websites or through travel agents who can help to assist you with your travel enquiries.

    An air ticket is proof of payment for the air passage purchased, represents the "contract" between airline and passenger. The Conditions of Carriage normally printed overleaf of your ticket show the airline's general obligations and liability.


   The air ticket shows the route of the air passage and outlines basic information such as:

   Holding an air ticket does not automatically guarantee you a seat onboard the flight.

   You must first make a flight reservation :

    A flight reservation is a request made to an airline by a passenger to hold an airline seat onboard a flight. In making a flight reservation, a passenger selects the airline, day and time he or she wishes to travel and agrees to pay a certain fare if he is not already holding a ticket.

   Once a reservation has been made, always make it a point to :

    Factors Which Affects Air Fare 

    No Show Charge For example, the routing Singapore-Hongkong-Los Angeles-Hongkong-Singapore would generally cost less than Singapore-London-Los Angeles-London-Singapore.

   Type of Tickets

Fare Conditions
Where you are limited by:

    General Penalties Imposed on Air Tickets 

   No Show Charge
    A fee levied on passenger who holds a confirmed flight reservation but fails to show up at the airport for check-in.

   Airline Refund Administrative Fee
    Also commonly known as the cancellation charge, this is a fee levied on passenger to defray the airline's administrative costs incurred in facilitating the refund.

   Service Fees 
    This is a fee collected from passenger to defray the average cost of manpower, transport and time taken to provide services such as processing of refunds and cancellations. 

    What if i lose my air tickets?

    If you misplaced your air-tickets, you must make a police report and fill out the airline's indemnity form. Submit these documents to the airline or travel agent depending on whom you purchased the air ticket from.

    Generally, airlines and travel agents will charge administrative and or service fees to process the lost ticket paperwork.

    Depending on the airline's policies and restrictions of your ticket, the lost ticket application would entail either:

    Guide To Buy Air Ticket

    As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. Whether the type of air ticket is what you are looking for is another matter. Hence it is very important to:

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