5 Tips for Your Self-Driving Holiday


Self-driving holidays are becoming mainstream with Singaporeans. Here are some tips to stay safe while enjoying your holidays abroad.

Tips for Self-Driving Holiday :

  1. It can be tiring to be on the road all the time so plan your itneraries & routes with plenty of breaks in between.
  2. Every country has its own unique road networks and terrain that may vary from your country of origin. So pay attention and ask for advise from the locals whenever possible.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated especially for long drives lasting 2 hours or more. Take breaks when you start to feel sleepy. Driving when exhausted is a recipe for disaster.
  4. Know your limits. Always drive within your abilities. Holidays is the best time to relax and certainly not the time to test your driving skills. 
  5. Test the rental car before hand. Make sure the car is in good order before embarking on long distance driving. Always make sure the brakes are working correctly.

Bear these tips in mind and have an enjoyable time!