Coastal and Marine Ecosystem

The Coastal and Marine Branch under the National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) works towards Singapore’s adoption of a proactive, balanced and forward-looking approach to coastal and marine environment-related policy, management, and research-direction issues, consistent with Singapore’s long-term economic and sustainable development goals. The Branch also has the responsibility to ensure that our limited but rich coastal and marine biodiversity is conserved as part of Singapore's natural heritage.

Coral Reefs

Did you know that Singapore has our very own coral reefs? While they are not technically forests, Coral Reefs are known to be the rainforests of the sea.


Discover the rich marine life in the intertidal areas of Singapore, the coastal zone between the highest and lowest tidemarks.


Mangroves in Singapore are under threat due to the pressures exerted on the habitat from urbanisation and human population growth. Join us in our conservation of the world’s most productive wetlands.

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