How to Prevent Missing Baggage

 With more than 2 million bags passing through airport carousels daily, it is amazing how only a small percentage of luggages actually gets lost. 


Majority of luggages are returned to their rightful owners within 24 hours. Still, exceptions occur, so don't fret - here's a guide on what to do should your luggage goes missing. 


What are the Causes for Lost Luggage?


Looking at the dizziying mazes of luggage carousels, it's not hard to understand why there are many factors that could cause luggage to be lost or damaged. Usually, the most common causes are tight connections, bag jams, bag switches, late check-ins, full flight or missing tags.


So, What can I do?


Always carry-on your luggage whenever possible. This way, you're in charge of your own bag, and no airline will be able to mishandle your bag.

Putting identification tags containing our contact details on all your bags makes it easier for airport staff to contact you to retrieve your lost luggage.

Add a striking item to your luggage to differentiate yours from the rest. It can be a ribbon, scarf, sticker or buy one in a uncommon colour. Not only does it make your luggage easier to spot, it makes your luggage way cooler than the boring drab ones out there.


Avoid changing airlines when making your flight reservations. Try not to reserve flights with connections too. This will cause complications, and it would be harder to locate your bags in the event that it gets lost. You could obtain a claim check and verify if the tags given to you are correct.


You could also use a forwarding luggage service to have your bag picked up and delivered to your destination. It costs more than USD$100, but if you think it's worth it, why not. Check online for luggage forwarding luggage delivery services for more information.