How to Travel In Style and Comfort

Ever found yourself hunched down in your airplane seat, with cramped legs, throbbing headache, jetlag, dry lips and unable to get some shut-eye? We feel you.

Read on for some help in sleeping well in flights.

Take on board these things

Eyeshades, ear plugs and a inflatable neck pillow are a great help against glaring reading lights, wailing babies and neck cramps.

Fasten your seatbelt snugly around your hips.

Take off your shoes during the flight to prevent deep vein thrombosis. And do walk about the plane, even if it's just going to the toilet.

Drink plenty of water, as you'll get dehyrdrated easily in in aircraft.

Use lip-balm, moisturizer and eye-drops to prevent dryness of skin and eyes. 

Jet Lag 

One way of combating jet lag is to take a melatonin supplement .Melatonin helps to control the body's sleep/wake cycle.For more information, kindly consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Air Pressure

If your ears go 'pop' or feels like it's about to burst, try yawning or chewing gum. If you don't mind the looks that other people will give you, try this: pinch your nostril shut, inhale, close your mouth and gently blow your nose.