Packing Your Business Clothes

To look sharp for your business meetings the next time you travel overseas for your business trips, read on! 

1. Packing A Jacket

Hold the jacket facing you. Placing your hand inside the shoulders, turn the left shoulder inside out. Place the right shoulder inside the left shoulder. Fold it in half and, placing it into a ziplock bag, put it into your luggage.

2. Packing Pants

Ensure all your pockets are empty. If packing two pairs, place the pants waistband to waistband, with the legs running in opposite directions. Pack the rest of your things on top and wrap the pant legs over the pile, placing one last remaining ite over the legs to hold everything in place.

3. Packing A Shirt

Button the shirt, and laying the shirt face down, fold the sleeves back at the shoulder seam. Fold the tail up from the point of the button to prevent creases.

4. Packing Shoes

Placing the shoes in a plastic bag, put the shoes along the edge of a hard case to prevent clothes from shifting. If using a duffel, place the shoes at the bottom.

5. Packing A Tie

Folding the tie in half, place it on a piece of plastic or tissue and roll up. Secure it firmly with a rubber band and place it in the pocket of a jacket.