Precautionary measures to follow and adhere to... For Wuhan/ Corona Virus

What one thinks one will attract. Lets think more positive thoughts and less negativity even though we know it might be coming upon us. Speak or gossip less evil, share and support more. Make love not war, be less critical of others. One doesnt show upfront yet doesnt mean one is not working hard and fast to resolve the problem on hand. Give the authorities the space and time for them to handle and manage the crisis workload on hand.

Give the govt authorities their time and space to do what they need to do. They don't have to report every bit of action they do but that doesnt mean nothing is done by them. Am sure they are tackling this problem by now.

Mankind and many wildlife, or plant life and animals are known to be resilient and survival. We can tide though any crisis so long as our hearts minds are one, and united to resolve problems, provide solutions or to help solve problems with our own capabilities.

Less gossip and spread less negativity. We the forefront leaders have to inspire, educate the right mind thinking and then to instil rightful values in people. Take prompt immediate action, inspire, educate. Make love not war. Be less critical and be more supportive. Be understanding and empowering. 

Crisis management is also in the blood of we humans. There is nothing we cannot endure or survive through. The moment we are born till the day we are dead, God make sure that our bread and butter issues are well taken care of, if not there are always support groups.

In times of crisis, we have to have the urgency to form emergency support groups to pre-empt and prepare all citizens for all sorts of crisis management. Am sure you are very capable of that. Lets start doing and saying the right things from today.