Teamwork and Collaboration is the Key to Success Not Aggressive Competition Or IP Rights

There is no limits to achievements and accomplishments when no one cares who gets the credits... 

September 25, 2019 - Travelgowhere

The truth is that what The Independent SG and Mothership SG or the Chinese Newspapers in SG, shares and post of us, is false and of fake news. We are considering taking legal action against all of them who have been sharing and throwing false accusations on us. Btw, we are not a travel agent as what both social news have proclaimed, are just a travel blogger, scuba diver etc...

Travelgowhere and Scubareefing was setup just to promote Eco and Scuba diving trips, but all these travel and dive trips are not handled by us, mostly by other travel and diving agencies and companies. 

We are just truly sharing about our travel and diving experiences, inspiring people to take more notice of this world.

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Read the true accounts of what originally happened here...

First and foremost, with regards to the photos, Sylvia told Mr Aaron Wong that where most of the photos taken at Antarctica are from us, some of the photos are shared by others with us, from other Photographers that went on the same trip with us to Antarctica willingly and with permission and approval. 

But they told us not to give credits or state their names for privacy reasons. Not everyone wish to be under the limelight or media’s attention. Perhaps we are being pranked by these people whom have also taken others photos and kept sharing one after another etc...

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We, under the state of excitement of this trip, started sharing online the beautiful captivating photos of our Antarctica trip, to show awareness of Climate Change and Global Warming etc... and that’s why we shared on our FB wall. 

Did not declare that some photos are taken by others because they said they wish to stay under privacy mode. Hence, I mentioned and shared that it’s from us. We are empowered by these Photographers to share together their photos coz of the support they wish to give to us. We thank them for that... 

But what we do not understand why Aaron is so impulsive and hotheaded that he didn’t seem to understand our situation and how this has came about. And we do understand the IP rights and everything, but these photos are shared on a personal friendship, on our first meeting accounts and grounds sharing..

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Then later on, when Aaron went to question who have taken those photos, suddenly many Photographers from all over the world, came up to claim unwanted credits and said that those photos belong to them but no one knows what they say is true or not...

I removed those posts because the trolls kept coming forth to us to Attack our Fb post and smearing our reputation non stop and not because we have guilty conscience. If this is done to flex your muscles on us, there is nothing of ours to overstep your boundaries because we didn’t do what’s been accused of us. 

What I said about those photos do not truly belong to us is because nothing on Earth really belong to us. We are merely the care takers or stewards to take care of this planet during our years of residence on this planet until we hand over to the next generations to come. 

Technically speaking, there is nothing wrong with me saying that. Photos that we taken are just a flow in life, when the end of our lives are near, we also have to surrender and give up everything. End up, we still be in our coffins on our last day on this planet Earth .

We are not Professional Photographers and since we are just blogging on social media, didn’t even send any photos for photo competition, just basically sharing then what’s the drama all about???

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We do not even know how to credits, watermarks, trademarks, put icons, mosaics etc on the photos, let alone delete or wash them away before we post all these photos. Never once did we claim credit for these photos or claim attention from them. 

And we are still continuing to do what we need to do, continue to work hard in this Daily vision and Mission core values that we need to corporate with the world to enforce together on a collaborative spirit and not being on a unfriendly competitive spirit that steers to divide us among ourselves... Work together be united and not work against each other is our mantra.

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As for our fake friends, they are real and true Singaporean friends. Only perhaps that they allowed us to share so much on their own individual FB walls is because they hardly go online except on certain days and then they said it’s fine for us to share and post. So, we went ahead.

Anyway, there is so much of this world to share about, and we really did tremendous amount of hard work, put in lots of time, dedication, effort and energy into both Travelgowhere and Scubareefing together. 

We deem not praiseworthy because the high expected standards of deliverance are not there yet, we are still running both platforms and doing so much progressive volunteer and conservation work without the need for recognition and awards.

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We will continue doing the same throughout the years of our lives to come because this is our interest and passion, and we really care about all life on the planet. 

Humanitarian work has never once left our minds at all.

"A group of politicians and celebrities have pledged to fight against online abuse by refusing to share the hateful messages they received on social media."