Things to Note for General Travel Transactions

What To Take Note For Travel Transactions

For Instance :

Booking conditions

 Also known as standard terms contract. They set out the terms and conditions on which the trader or merchant is prepared to do business with the consumers. The standard terms contract may come in many forms such as the invoice, tour booking form and or passenger statement. When a consumer indicates acceptance and commitment to the transaction by making full or partial payment to the travel agent, the terms and conditions would be binding on both parties to the transaction.

 Generally when disputes occur, it is relatively difficult for admission of oral and or verbal representations to contradict or vary the written terms.

 Hence, it is very important to read and understand the terms and conditions of your purchased travel product before making any commitment to the transaction.

Have the verbal agreement with your travel agent written in your standard terms contract

 If certain verbal representations agreed at time of sale are critically important to you, have your travel agent spell them out and qualified in your standard terms contract.

Cancellation times

 When consumers wish to cancel their tour products purchased, a penalty will generally be levied depending on the period of notice given as per booking conditions. As an intermediary between their customers and principal suppliers, travel agents will have to abide by the booking conditions of the package.

 When cancellation is made on medical or compassionate grounds, travel agents are not able to inform the passenger on an immediate basis regarding waiver or reduction of the penalties.

 Generally, travel agents will need to explain the situation to their various suppliers, substantiating the matter with relevant documents such as medical certification and appeal to see if any deviation from the booking conditions may be made.

Security concerns

 If you are concerned with the security of your destination, we advise that you seek verification from its National Tourist Office or the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs.