Travel Tips

 1st Things 1st : Check that all info are recorded correctly in the passenger statement/ booking form/ invoice. 

 Next, Check on entry requirements for both transit and destination countries. 

Passport Validity
Some countries require a passport validity of up to 6 months upon arrival. For more information, please refer to the respective embassies of your destinations.

Need for a Visa
Depending on your nationality and whether you are taking a direct flight or transfer flight, you may need to apply for visas for both transit and destination countries.

You may like to verify with your respective embassies or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Travel agents do provide the service to assist in the application of your visa(s) at a nominal charge but are unable to guarantee the approval of your visa application(s).

Vaccinations are sometimes recommended for visits to certain regions. You may like to seek advice from your family doctor or polyclinics.

 Last, get a final breakdown of the total fare reflected on booking form.