Wisdom / Rubbish Quotes of Life and Travel

Life's Tips/ Interview Questions :

You have nothing better to do than setup a travel blog -> I said : " I did something which u haven't done in yr life."

Do so many things for what? Waste time -> Life's short. Do whatever you feel like before there is no chance to do it anymore. It's not about results that matters, what matters is there is no regrets.

Just settle down in a proper job -> Have been working all along, but no one said u can't do more.

How do you do so many things, are u hyperactive? -> I'm just more active than you are. Maybe u are boring.

So many rich guys after you, find a rich guy to marry, nothing more for you to worry. -> Who said so? Rich guys or poor guys, they are still guys. Relationships still have issues in whatever stage in life. Everything needs to work out a balance.

Aiyah, nothing will be successful one. -> Successful or not, so long i have done it, to me it's successful.

Diving / travelling is dangerous -> Staying at home is more dangerous. Prone to sickness, depression and bad health.

Working for people gives u a comfortable and stable life -> Is that always true? Not every job gives people a comfortable life. What u need to do is to work on a job u truly like. Nothing is stable in this world.

Why can't you be average sweet gentle Jane? -> Average Jane leads an average life, life should be more exciting.

Don't you worry that you might not have enough $ to support everything?
~ Whatever will come will come. There is a will, there be a way.

Are you looking for fame? -> Nope. Providing value to my readers.

What have u done as a HR Professional? -> Too long a story to blog about.

What's about people management in company? -> Every company/ business has same issues. It's how u solve problems/issues that comes to you.