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 Japan is a beautiful island nation in the Pacific Ocean with high-rise-filled cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples. Tokyo, the crowded capital, is known for its neon skyscrapers and pop culture.

 In contrast, Kyoto offers Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, gardens and cherry blossoms. Sushi, the national dish, is served everywhere from casual pubs to gourmet restaurants.

  It was our first time to Japan, though we did not know how to speak Japanese, but the airport staff and limousine bus operators are quite kind to us, guiding us the bus number to take for our hotel stay ( Hotel Fine Garden Sennboku ). 

The hotel which we stayed at, was a love motel. Honestly, we did not know of this beforehand. But since we are engaged to be married, guess that’s still fine. Hotel room is so big and advanced with tech gadgets, with even pinball and $ changing machine in room, karaoke, projector screen, massage chair, can play Wii/with game console and bathe in the bath tub and watch tv at same time. Cool !

 On the next day, we woke up to be served a good breakfast, took the bus and train to explore Osaka. We took a train down to Umeda station this morning, to shop at 3 of the largest shopping centers there. Had a great time shopping and ate the sushi prepared by a top chef from a classy Japanese restaurant. The trains at Osaka and Okinawa has cushion seats !!! Why Singapore's trains have no cushion seats???  So much delicious food and pretty things to see in Japan. 

 Ate at the restaurant in airport before our evening flight to Okinawa ! Oyishi ! The sliced pork with egg ramen is so tasty in Osaka ! And then we saw the sunset on the plane. ~ Japan, the land of rising sun.

 After we arrived in Okinawa, we took a taxi and check in at Beachside Condominium in Okinawa. The Beachside Condominium is so nice! Even more spacious then Singapore's 2 room condo. With jacuzzi and dining table at balcony too! We went to nearest tourist attraction venue near to where we stayed at today. There are quite a number of factory outlets, arcades, and restaurants. Ate A&W set meal for lunch, had medium rare steak and campbells soup, prepared and cooked by Kevin for dinner. His cooking is fantastic!  We enjoyed the entire day.

 Then on, we went to Blue Maeda Cave for diving in Okinawa. Saw a cute hermit mini crab in a snail's shell. To climb down the stairs for the shore diving, carrying the oxygen tank on my back with 4kg weight belt. As the blue cave was crowded with divers from all over the world, we didnt have much of a good time diving as compared to our previous dives. 

Area of diving around blue cave is quite limited. The dive guide has to hold our hands, lead the way into the entrance of blue cave then let us free dive above the surface for a photoshoot. smile emoticon We wanted to go for boat dive but there was no vacancy/boats for us. Went for shore dive instead. Then did the same when i climbed up the stairs after the dive. No joke. Tough !!! ~ We completed the cave diving and gained more muscles after that.

 For the following day,after checking in at Hotel Monterey and had breakfast, we went exploring around the moon beach area around the hotel today. The beach and sea is so beautiful, with a church nearby. And there are even water floats available for children to play on the sea. 

 After buying some souvenirs for our friends, colleagues and family, we took an evening stroll at Okinawa Coast Quasi National Park. Saw a few beautiful flowers and even a tree with full grown fruits which i think is a jackfruit. Found a nice small eatery, ate a plate of 5 pieces of fried fish and honeydew ice kacang. Then, as it started to rain here, we quickly bought 2 local flavours Okinawa cup noodles to try for dinner and malt oat milk to drink. Later at night, we went out for supper, ordered, ate some sushi and pizza to eat.

 On the last day, we took the bus and train back to Okinawa International Airport. Found the locker area, locked all our backpacks and went back to the city of Okinawa to explore before our flight. We went to busiest street shopping area in Okinawa. 

Kokusai Street is the hot favourite among international travellers. Then we went back to Okinawa airport and boarded the plane back to Osaka. After 3 connecting flights non-stop for the entire of the last night, we reached SG at 1030am the next morning. Took some photos of the sunset last night in Japan and sunrise this morning at Bangkok Transit Airport ! Did some shopping too! Will never forget our trip to Osaka and Okinawa, Japan. Great country with beautiful scenery and delicious food. 

We love Japan ! :)