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  Sanya, a city on the southern end of China’s Hainan Island, has several bays with large beach resorts. Yalong Bay is known for upscale hotels, while Wuzhizhou Island and its coral reefs are destinations for scuba diving, surfing and other water sports. At the city's expansive Nanshan Temple complex, a 108m-high Guan Yin bronze statue rises on a man-made island.

Our tour group had a fabulous time touring around the island of Hainan, Sanya especially, to the various types of tours offered there. Saw the magnificient status of Guanyin Goddess as well. The stay at MGM Sanya Hotel was a great one, as the room was spacious, nice big bathtub to use with proper room facilities and balcony facing sea view. Awesome !

Sanya is a city located on the southern part of Hainan.

Tour Itinerary ~ Trip To Sanya, China (23th May to 29th May 2015)

Day 1 : Check-in MGM Sanya Hotel
Day 2 : Diving/ Snorkelling Tour at Yalong/Baifu Bay
Day 3 : Nanhai Guanyin Temple Tour + Hot Spring Spa + Night Market
Day 4 : Wuzhizhou Island Tour
Day 5 : Haitang Bay Shopping Tour
Day 6 : Fen Jie Zhou Island Tour
Day 7 : Back to Airport To Singapore

Let's start with Day 1 Itinerary.

Check-in @ MGM Sanya Hotel was a breeze as the staff there are very professional and helpful. Polite with greetings when we first met them, and the porter offered his assistance to help us move our luggages into the hotel room for our stay. A beautiful and grand 5 star hotel, with great facilities, like the pool, spa, tennis court etc, facing the sea, staying here will blow yr mind away.

Day 2 of Tour Itinerary : Diving/ Snorkelling Tour at Yalong/Baifu Bay

On the 2nd day of our tour at Sanya last Sunday, we went to check out the diving spots at Sanya. There are 4 popular dive spots at Sanya Beach ~ Yalong/ Baifu Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, Fen Jie Zhou and Dadonghai. We did 4 dives there, one dive each at each dive spot. Business conference only started on the coming last Monday.

Honestly speaking, we are disappointed as diving there are not as fantastic as what the online reviews had stated. There isn't much corals reefs and big fishes to see. Only minority small fishes swimming around and limited rare red corals to be seen at Wuzhizhou Island only. Diving at Yalong Bay is the most costly among all 4 dive spots as it's only operated by diving centers which they are linked to hotel operators. Next most costly dive is at Wuzhizhou island. Tour Packages to Wuzhizhou island and Fen Jie Zhou island are quite expensive.

The Maximum Depth for diving there as restricted and controlled by China Govt is up to depth of 15m, with visibility of up till 10m only. Still, we managed to dive and feed the fishes during the dive. And dive with Whale Shark and Dolphins. Funniest thing was that the diving instructors held onto our dive tanks while we dived even when we told them we are professional divers and even showed them our certifications. No fins are allowed for us to wear, hence we cant dive far. Mouthpiece has to buy separately and there was a queue system for divers to queue to get to dive. Frankly speaking, diving in China was really lousy. They claimed that the coral reefs are protected yet we saw only the red corals and nothing much as compared to other dives in other countries. Doubt we ever go back to China to dive again.

Day 3 of Tour Itinerary : Nanhai Guanyin Temple Tour + Hot Spring Spa + Night Market

Every year before this day, tourists from all over the world will flock all the way to visit Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park, Nanhai Guanyin Buddha & West Islet.

One of the largest cultural tourist attractions of its kind in China, the colorful Nanshan Cultural Excursion Zone, located just 40 km west of Sanya City along the Hainan West-line Expressway, is in fact, three separate theme parks rolled into one.

Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park & Nanhai Guanyin Buddha is a window on China's traditional Buddhism culture; the Felicity and Longevity Culture Park shines its light on an atmosphere of peace and harmony; and the Nanhai Cultural Customs Park highlights China's diverse social customs.

Key features of the zone include the three-sided statue of Buddha, Buddhist temples, superior landscaping and sea views. The new highlight is the Nanhai Guanyin Buddha on the sea (108 meters in height)

Was a magnificient sight viewing the tall Guanyin Statue at Sanya. With tour group.

Hot Spring Spa :

After going for the Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park tour, we went to Xiao Yu Hot Spring Hotel for a hot spring spa session, can take as long as you like. 5 star treatment for all our travel guests.

There are 15 different types of medicinal hot springs where one can dipped in. And also salt bath. Not forgetting, the fish spa in a pond settings.

There is a large room for both males and females to get changed before going for the spa. And to keep all belongings in the lockers assigned to individuals. Costs about 208 RMB per pax.

Night Market :

~ Chunyuan Seafood Square is a lively place at night with over 40 stalls serving seafood. Usually people visiting Sanya will come here to enjoy local seafood. First, you will need to buy any typr of seafood which u like to eat, then bring over to any restaurant/s or eatery, get the chefs to cook for you. Comes with a one time pricing for cooking the seafood in any style you request for. One can also buy small souveniors or tinklets items from the night market.

Day 4 of Tour Itinerary : Wuzhizhou Island Tour

Wuzhizhou Island is located off the coast of Hainan Province, China. This 1.48 square kilometre island is situated within Haitang Bay, approximately 30 kilometres northeast of Sanya, between Nanwan Monkey Island to the north, and Yalong Bay to the south.

As one of the few islands with fresh water and rich plant life around Hainan Island, it possesses more than 2000 species of plants and lots of rare trees, like the dragon tree "Giant Panda in the Plants", as well as some rare botanic ecosystems.

There are more than 2000 different kinds of plants, trees and shrubs growing on the island. The altitude of the highest point in the southeast of the island is 80 meters (260 feet) with a dangerous cliff, reef and breaking waves. Land in the west and north is relatively flat with soft white sandy beaches.

Two historical relics, namely the Matsu Temple and the Guanri Cliff, are the must-see spots.

Day 5 of Tour Itinerary : Haitang Bay Shopping Tour

Haitang Bay is one of the five major bays in Sanya, Hainan Province, China. This 42.8 km beach is located in Haitangwan Town, Sanya, and Yingzhou Town, Lingshui. To its south are Yalong Bay and Wuzhizhou Island.

CDF Mall, located at Haitang Bay, is the world’s largest duty free shopping centre invested by China International Travel Services Group with a total construction cost over RMB 5 billion.

This 3-stroey complex of 70,000sq.m. integrates duty-free shopping, duty-paid shopping, restaurants, entertainment venues and cultural facilities. It has a unique aesthetic design inspired from Haitang flower, the symbol of Sanya. Its atrium is formed by four unique curved surfaced steel structures, which enable natural light to filter into the mall and create a world-class shopping environment for the users. Its unique 3d free surfaced steel structure covers entrance arch-truss, link-bridges and other five individual skylights.

Day 6 of Tour Itinerary : Fen Jie Zhou Island Tour

Fenjie Zhou is an island in Hainan, nearby to Niuling, Xincun and Jaixincun.

Demarcation Islet is a small saddle-shaped island in the South China Sea, high at both ends and low in the middle. Its Chinese name is FEN JIE ZHOU DAO. It faces Cow Ridge four or five kilometers away. Historically, it was used the geographical demarcation. The islet covers an area of one square kilometer.

Cow Ridge gets its name from its shape. Seen from eith of the sides, the ridge is a walking cow. If you look at it from Demarcation Islet, the ridge is a big cow with its mouth open. Cow Ridge is also called Demardation Ridge, because it creates an important division of Hainan Island. Even in the ancient times, local people noticed the difference between the lands on each side of the mountain.

Climate Boundary

Hainan Island is located in the tropical zone, but the climate on each side of Cow Ridge is differents. In the north it is warm, humid, and pluvious. However, in the south the temperature is two or three degrees higher, and the weather is always sunnier and drier. It is for this reason that from the angle of Demarcation Islet, you can always see the wonder of "it is rainy at the Cow's head, but sunny at its tail".

Administrative Boundary

Demarcation Islet is the boundary between Wanning City and Lingshui County. Wanning is in the north, and Lingshui is in the south. A boundary stone tablet is on the ridge.

National-culture Boundary

In the ancient times, this natural dividing line was the national boundary of Hainan---the boundary between Han nationality and Li nationality. There were mainly Li people in the south of the ridge, while there were mostly Han people in the north of the ridge.

When you are at the harbor of the Demarcation Islet. The Demarcation Islet Ecological and Cultural Tourism Resort is divided into two parts: the demarcation islet and the harbor service. When you look at the north, you can see the ridge is really like a cow.

There are also many kinds of plants on the ridge, giving the ridge a green coat. So it is not only a boundary, but also a very beautiful scenic spot.