Last Saturday, on the 1st Nov 2014, both of us went to Marina South Pier (Image shown below, take bus 402 from Marina Bay MRT Station) to catch the ferry to St John's island and Kusu islands.

It's a loop ferry where the ferry boat will be dropping people off at both islands but of different timings.

To see the schedule of the ferries, login to :


Off we went to St John's island, our first stop of the day. After a ferry ride of 30 minutes, we reached the island of St John.

Looking at the view of the jetty of St John's islands.


Then, went exploring the area of islands to check out the surroundings. Very quiet island, with ammenities for people to shower after a swim/snorkel.

A notice board there, giving the directions on what's available on the island. However, the Marine Science Institute and Marine park was closed to public.

There is swimming lagoon for people to take a swim. Many seaweeds can be found growing underwater around the island.

We saw a baby Komodo dragon swim out of the sea waters and went onto land. Gave us a pleasant surprise indeed.


Went closer to take a look and it scurried away very fast into the drainage hole.


Next, we went walking around the entire island, saw some chickens running around and making noises.

Then, Kevin took a photo of me with the sea waters and island view as backdrop.


After that, we changed into our divers attire and went diving. We love diving ! Saw many marine creatures and even Dolphins too ! Check out our posts / photos taken attached on the blog of Kusu island.