What's in trend in Malaysia, Johor Bahru?

A new shopping center beside City Square was opened, it's called Komtar CC, looks like about half the size of City Square.


We went Komtar CC for some leisure activities like shopping, eating and filled out our curiosity on how the Angry Bird Theme Park looks like. Hence, we went up to level 3 to take a look.


In Komtar CC. an theme amusement park ~ Angry Parks Theme Park was recently just opened, targetted at young kids from ages 4 and above. Tickets are sold at 75RM/Pax.


This big Angry Bird Catapult was the attraction at the main entrance of the amusement park.


Image showing the rides being offered inside the amusement park. Kids laughter and cries are heard everywhere around the park.


Do you like Angry Bird merchandises? Toys? Then this Angry Bird shop is meant for you.

After scouting around and curiosity settled, we went to order a pizza, some food and drinks from El Migos, a restaurant serving Western food in City Square. City Square is linked to Komtar CC with a link bridge.


The pizza which we ordered was a 7 inch big Turkey Hawaiian pizza. Tasted delicious!


Had a good lunch together. After lunch, we did some shopping in City Square and went back to Singapore.