Sabah’s beauty is quite simply gut-wrenching.


Sabah has international air links to major destinations in East Asia and Australia. All international arrivals and departures are directed to Kota Kinabalu, the Capital City of Sabah. Most international air links from Europe and America can be connected through major cities in the South East Asia region such as Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Manila and Bandar Seri Begawan.

All visitors are required to complete an Arrival/Departure card, a Customs Declaration, and if required, a Travelers Declaration Form (TDF) and Quarantine Form. These are given out during all inbound Malaysia Airlines' flights. Travelers are no longer required to complete the TDF except under the following circumstances:

  • Resident and non-resident travelers who carry Ringgit in excess of RM 1,000.00
  • Resident travelers who take out foreign currency notes and/or travelers cheques exceeding the equivalent of RM 10,000.
  • Non-resident travelers who bring into Malaysia more than US$2,500 equivalent.


It is well known as “THE LAND BELOW THE WIND", because it is located just south of the typhoon-prone region, making it free from typhoons. Home to 32 different indigenous groups that consist of over 30 ethnic races, Sabah is often described as the people that makes visiting Sabah so special.

This is one of the most physically stunning places on Earth, a land of deep green jungle, craggy mountains and shockingly blue ocean that all seems to collide into one moving, magnificent vista.


It’s a land for adventure enthusiasts and yet, we must stress, not only adventure enthusiasts. Sunset is so beautiful as well.


Many treks around Mt Kinabalu, for example, really consist of vigorous hikes, jaunts you want to be fit to attempt, but don’t need to be in Olympic shape to finish.


Similarly, the diving in East Sabah – some of the best in the world – is easily accessible to beginners. And anyone can sit on a boat and appreciate the majesty of spotting clever lizards, prowling civets, doe-eyed loris and great ginger orang-utans in the wild.


In addition, there is a thriving yet laidback culture here. Sabah’s citizens are wonderful: cosmopolitan, friendly, famously relaxed folks who are quick to laugh and slow to rile. Their good-humoured presence is the perfect accompaniment to the awe-inspiring scenery of their home.

Both of us, my fiance and me went for our advance diving course, did our Search and Recovery underwater. A picture taken with our diving instructor. Had so much fun diving with him. :)


Here's the photos taken underwater during our course :


Doing our Search and Recovery then doing the 3 knots tying and untying exercise :


Other discoveries we found underwater :
~ Saw the Baraccudas


Then the pufferfish hiding inside the big coral hole:


Clownfish playing among the anemones :


And the corals not forgetting the large brain coral :