As i channel back my mind to think of past memories, recalled that my 2nd trip was to Batam, Indonesia at age 14, year 1999. This trip was a school field trip as well with my teachers and classmates. We enjoyed the bus ride to JB then took flight to Batam, Indonesia. At that point of time, there wasn't any direct flight from Singapore to Batam, sad to say. In total, i went Batam 4 times till date.

Batam is an island, and the largest city in Riau Islands Province within Indonesia.

A free trade zone, located 20 km (12 mi) off Singapore's south coast. The 715 km² (276 miles²) island, is the core part of the municipality. The municipality (1,010.88 km²) has a population of 1,153,860 (Civil Registry Survey April 2012). As per the 2010 Census it was the fastest growing municipality in the nation, with a growth rate of 11% per year. Though the municipality covers adjacent islands, nearly all the people reside on Batam island.

Interesting things to do in Batam?

Well, it was a short trip. We saw the Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge. Went to City for shopping. Also went to visit the Guan Yin Statue. Not forgetting our favourite fun activity - Go Kart !


Also, Batam has a few beautiful resorts like Nongsa Point and Harmoni Hotel.


Had a very fun time with my friends in Batam, here are some of the pictures i took there in Batam myself and with friends. :)


So much good food at Batam too! Delicious, yummy ! :)