My 3rd trip was to Bangkok was right after my O Levels exams, before entering the first year of my study days in Temasek Polytechnic at year 2002.

Took the Business and Information Technology Diploma course for 3 years and did my internship in Singtel.

Done a telecommunications web system project for one of the depts of Singtel.

My first stop at Bangkok, one of the renowned temples there.


Then, we went shopping at MBK, the 2nd largest shopping center in Bangkok.


If to compare between KL, Bangkok and Batam, i will like Bangkok more. Why? Ladies love shopping here at Bangkok.

Tops, blouses and dresses are pretty and at bargainable prices. One can buy a top at $6 even till now.


The authentic Tom Yam soup and Green curry also make my friends and i drool over the food.

We went to MBK, Aquarium etc... Did the parachuting too!