Went Shanghai with my family during winter time at year 2006 for my 4th vacation trip.

Hate to admit but my memory is losing me, as i can't remember the exact date when my family members and i flew to Shanghai together for holidays as a form of family bonding.

Shanghai's restaurants are among the finest in the country, offering quality food and superior service. What's delicious of the cuising in Shanghai is it's famous Xiao Long Bao.


Also, Shanghai is known for their Metro Transport system and not forgetting the glowing city night view of the Pearl Tower.


Not just that, but also for it's beautiful lake scenery. The estuary of the Yangtze River, the eastern edge of Taihu Lake, other rivers and lakes, and the ocean together give Shanghai about 20,000 kilometers of waterways with a total area of 500 square kilometers. The average density of the river network is three to four kilometers per square kilometer. The main waterways include the mouths of the Yangtze, the Huangpu River with its tributaries including Suzhou River, Yunzao, Chuanyang, Dianpu, Dazhi, Xietang, Yuanxiejing, and Damaogang. The mouth of the Yangtze is to the north of Shanghai. With a total length of 167 kilometers (148 kilometers within the territory of Shanghai), it serves as a major passage to Shanghai Port.


And there are lots of shopping to be done too! :)