Flew to Taiwan with my father at year 2010, during April, for a Buddhist gathering and opening ceremony for the temple, connected with monks and nuns who are there as well. Prayed for blessings for my family and my job at that year.


What's happening at Tai Zhong?

This is the famous Waterfall in Tai Zhong, Taiwan. It's chinese name is called the "Qing Long Pu Bu".


After the waterfall feast for the eyes, saw a number of big beautiful birds like this white peacock standing tall. Try to flirt with other peacock birds in the same cage.


This peacock, as we can usually see in Singapore zoo, opens up and showcase the beautiful peacock feathers.


While in the midst of exploring, we came across a wishing well. It's said that if u make a wish and throw a coin into this wishing well, your wish will come true.