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Diving Trip @ Sisters Island

Source of Travel Company:
Lee Sub Aquatics Pte Ltd and Travelgowhere

Lee Sub Aquatic Pte Ltd and Travelgowhere, led a tour of Singaporean divers to Sisters Island, Big and Small Sister island, for diving on 10th November 2015. During the Deepavali Holiday. NPark's latest new initiative for the island together with the assistance of divers, working together to setup the 2 new dive trails there, from 6m to 20m deep. 

Interview from Channelnews Asia / CNA Part 1 : Diving at Sisters Island Waters 

Founder of Lee Sub Aquatic Pte Ltd and Travelgowhere, Kevin and I, led a group tour of Singaporean divers to Sisters Island, Big and Small Sister island, for diving on 10th November 2015. NPark's latest new initiative for the island together with the assistance of divers, working together to setup the 2 new dive trails there, from 6m to 20m deep. Sisters' Islands are two of the Southern Islands in Singapore and are located to the south of the main island of Singapore, off the Straits of Singapore. New Platoon at Sisters Island Marine Park is to complete construction soon by mid this year 2018 ! Cheers ! 

Check out the diving sites - Shallow and Deep Trails there ! 

Requirements for dive :

Need to be an advanced certified diver with at least 20 logged dives and at least dived once before in Singapore's waters or have 20 Beginner dives. Should you be keen to join our Singaporean group of divers to go diving at any asia diving spots.

Our Interview from Channelnews Asia / CNA Part 2 : Diving at Sisters Island Waters - 10th November 2015. New Platoon To Be Completely Constructed At Sisters Island Marine Park by soonest mid 2018 hopefully ! 


Gardens By The Bay Tour ~ 10th August 2015

Travel Company: Travella

Nice nature tour with a sumptuous lunch included. Gardens By The Bay is a very beautiful attraction with lots of greenery and flowers to be seen. 


Many exotic plants, trees and flowers cultivated there. Even see a large fish pond in middle of the Gardens.

Was such a refreshing tour to see so many different types of trees, plants and flowers. Breathing fresh air is also good for us. Had a Sumptous lunch dine in at the restaurant, Majestic Bay there.


Watch Pink Dolphin Performances @ Underwater World, Sentosa

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

 Welcome to Singapore's sole attraction offering a one-and-only experience with pink dolphins, where spectacular performances starring the dolphins and fur seals will capture the hearts and minds of audiences young and old. Feast your eyes on the graceful moves and fascinating behaviors of our marine friends, as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime in an underwater sanctuary where learning comes alive.


 As an intimate, family-friendly oceanarium packed with interactive encounters, we take visitors on an enchanting voyage right into the ocean's depths.


Engage with majestic sharks and rays, exotic Sea Dragons, ethereal Sea Angels and living fossils like the Arapaima for a kaleidoscope of oceanic perspectives.



On top of stirring the imagination, our educational exhibits and programmes inspire the public to share our commitment in conserving our beautiful but fragile marine world. 



Beautiful Sand Sculpture @ Sentosa Beach Station

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

 To celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday, Sentosa will create the longest sand sculpture on Siloso Beach chronicling Singapore’s transformation into the thriving metropolis that it is today. The 100-metre long sand sculpture, built with three-dimensional (3D) elements, will be displayed during the Golden Jubilee weekend.

 Details of the Sentosa Sand Sculpture are as follows
 Date: Friday – Monday, 7 – 10 August 2015, Golden Jubilee weekend
 Venue: Siloso Beach, Sentosa

 Sentosa aims to get Singaporeans from all walks of life to be written into a new chapter of our history through assembling part of the sand sculpture.


The Singapore Story Told Through Sand

From its days as a young, underdeveloped nation, where Singapore was thrown into a world of financial, social and political uncertainty, the nation has come a long way in paving its path towards success.

Our nation continued to forge on in the next five decades to achieve economic, social and national stability. These key achievements and milestones will be captured and celebrated through this sand art exhibition.


SG50 Charity Concert ~ Sing50

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

Sing50 is a celebration concert of 50 years of Singapore Music co-organised by The Straits Times and The Business Times of Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Travelgowhere distributed a group of tickets to our tour group to this concert.


Also brought my family along to watch the concert too!


SG50 Concert was pretty fabulous, a bit of pity that the sound effects are not so clear due to the echos of the Stadium.


At SG Sports Hub. Showcasing photos of Dick Lee, Tracy Huang, Lang Lang~ well known pianist in asia, JJ Lin and Stephanie Sun ~ SG best Singers and also credits to all the sch participants for the 50 pianos accompaniment playing.




Staycation Tour @ Hotel Re, Singapore

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

Hotel Re's been accredited by World Luxury Hotel Awards, Preferred Wedding Venue and also from Luxury Travel Guide.

Guests from China and Indonesia booked/purchased hotel vouchers of Hotel Re from Travella ~ www.travelgowhere.com.sg, staying here over the weekends.

Itinerary for the tour :

~ Select between the various types of hotel rooms.

~ Guests can enjoy sumptuous meals at Hotel Re's Restaurant/Cafe, free breakfast provided. Lunch at Red Star Restaurant, one of the longest standing restaurants in Singapore. (Bird Nest Chicken Soup)

~ Take a stroll at Pearl Hill City Park.

~ Go along for group tours offered by Travella to Singapore's famous tourists attractions.

~ See the National Day Rehearsal's Aerial/ Fireworks Display from the hotel.





Religious And Cultural Tour @ Lei Zhang Shi Temple

Travel Company:  Travelgowhere

This religious tour to Lei Zhang Shi Temple in Singapore, was very unique and can know a lot on the religion Buddhism.

Eye Opener Tour To Lei Zhang Shi Temple in Singapore, get to know a lot about Buddhism, the Buddhas Gods and relevant details on Temple offering items.


Breathtaking View @ S.E.A Aquarium Tour

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

Awesome sights seeing the corals and marine animals inside S.E.A Aquarium. 


At Resorts World Resorts Singapore, step inside the S.E.A. Aquarium and discover the life in the ocean at the world's largest aquarium and maritime museum






Historical And Recreational Tour @ Sentosa

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

Our travel blogger, lead 2 visitors from Bhutan, to enjoy a simple dim sum meal at Yum Cha
Restaurant at Chinatown, one of the well known restaurants serving delicious dim sums in Singapore. 

Then, we went for a day's tour outing at Sentosa, was a good tour and workout @ Sentosa, as it's quite a big island to have fun at, though in World map, Sentosa is hardly visible.


Pleasant and Informative Tour At Sentosa With Travel Blogger Sylvia. Fun and exciting playing on the rides in Sentosa.

Visited the University Studios, went in for overall play ride experience. 



Diving Tour @ Pulau Hantu

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

Fantastic Diving Experience @ Pulau Hantu.

With a big group with the Pulau Hantu dive team, the waters at 27 deg this morning, the dive @ Pulau Hantu was shiok!

Saw clownfish, seahorse, nudibranches and the bamboo shark.


Chinese New Year Culture Tour

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

Was a Great Dim Sum and Shopping Tour experience.

Fascinating lanterns for CNY festive occasions really sparkles one eyes.



MacRitchie Reservoir Tour

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

Refreshing tour @ MacRitchie Reservoir.

Nice weather at MacRitchie and kayaking was fun with the group too!


Day Tour @ Haji Lane, Singapore

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

An interesting street tour for one to do some shopping.

Haji Lane has many interesting stuff to shop around, with some nice cafes to seat and have some snacks.


SG Motor Show 2015

Travel Company:  Travelgowhere

Seen the flashy aspects of the Motor Show, eye opener of the different brands of sports cars available in the Motor Show.

SG Motor Show is quite an eye opener for us.

Was a good tour, even had a nice Japanese buffet lunch after going for the show.

Thumbs up!


Gardens By The Bay Tour

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

To avoid the 10 hours wait for the cable car ride which we already went for the day before.

Today, we went to Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome with my private tour members and friends.


*** Even the Royal Highness also love orchids there too! At Gardens By The Bay / Botanical Gardens.


*** Only a general statement, both Royal Highness are not there with us.

Ending of tour soon and we went Macdonalds for a break.

Have all gotten the Hello Kitty Orchid Lover Free! Given by Travelgowhere.




Day Outing @ Sentosa, Singapore

Travel Company: Travelgowhere

Awesome Trip To Sentosa ~ Gogreen Segway, Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, Song of Sea.

Riding the Gogreen Segway vehicle was fun.


The trip to Butterfly and Insect Kingdom was an eye opener to see many butterflies and insects inside.

Song of the Sea is a fantastic virtual performance.